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SEO Company in India- Una Webtech

Trying to have more website traffic and lots of sales every day? It’s the search engine that takes the online users to your website, and these online users may be your potential customers. Then, why don’t you take steps to be friendly to these search engines. Get your website optimized and increase the chance of having more customers. Rely on our search engine optimization techniques and start seeing your business name on the first page of Google search engine ranking pages. We have earned reputation as the best SEO company in Kolkata.
You may think that the online world is really chaotic. With our SEO process, we make everything organized.
UNA Web Tech is the right solution to all your digital marketing issues. Never make too much investment on the billboard or hoarding as it is visible to a limited number of citizens in your country. Hire our SEO professionals and get better result.
SEO is never a one-step process, and it takes time to show its effect. To distinguish your brand, we do lots of things for you.

A competitive analysis- It’s must for your SEO

  • We find out three to four strongest competitors of your company. We use data tracking tools and review their status.
  • We do a vivid keyword reasearch to write your web content, product description or blogs. After detecting the keywords, we start to apply them not only on the web pages but also in the Meta descriptions, titles and images
  • For the sales-driving On-Page-SEO campaign, we audit your website content, structure and codes

Optimizing the technicalities of your website

We’ve already said about website structure and code editing service. These are the major parts of your website’s technical features. We edit each of the pages of your site to increasing its visibility. Our innovative content helps you in attractive visitors.
Our steps are effective at optimizing the conversion rates of your website. From CTA button to contact form, we deal with everything to make sure that your potential customers have got the best experience.
Your website URL also play a good role in organic SEO campaign. We check out whether your present URL comprise the relevant words or keywords.

Our technique for creating your web content

Our SEO-optimized website content will surely increase your ranking in the SERP. You will also get response from the visitors, using voice search feature of Google.
While your website has contents, we test their uniqueness. The duplicate website content affects the result from SEO. We take action for solving the issue. Our professional writers write the high-quality content for you.

Local SEO- We add the best citations

We locate the present citation in different digital directories, and then audit them. We try to find the directories, which are relevant to your business. Una Webtech is doing a great job as a leading SEO Company in India
We also deal with your Google My Business profile by inserting your business hours, contact number and your company’s location in the map. Our website optimization services team tries to find out the potentials for backlinking to develop authority of your business website.

SEO campaign through link building

We search for the high value relevant links for your website. This makes Google think that your website is highly reliable. Every link that we choose is of good quality, and that’s why you will have the desired result from it. Backlinks building is a challenging process in off-page-seo

Social media marketing campaign

We can never overlook it while dealing with the SEO. We help you to have more visitors from the social platforms. We assist you in using the social media properly for your business. At Facebook and other media, we will create the business profiles for you, and then, start the marketing process.

Measuring your SEO campaign status

We know that you always like to get the updated information on the SEO for your website. We show you the monthly reports on it. We also clearly inform you how each of the marketing is helping you to get revenues. You can know about the penalties, hacks and other factors, damaging the sales.
Thus, if you want to hie SEO agency in India you can consider our seo services to grow the reputation of your business. Make your business website visible and reachable to lots of potential customers in your country or in other parts of the world.