SEO Agency in Kolkata

Right now, SEO is one of the biggest platforms of marketing. And as a result of that, the numbers of SEO agencies are also increasing day by day. It is becoming difficult for us to find out the appropriate SEO Company in this packed up crowd. It will take a lot of time and patience to find out the best SEO agency which can be of your use. Today, we are going to have a talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to choose an SEO agency that suits your criteria.
So, if you are living in Kolkata and searching for SEO company in Kolkata, then you are in the right place. Have some patience and carry on with your reading.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimization of your online content website. It helps to keep your contents in prominent position when someone is searching for a given set of topics (also known as keywords). To be more simple and specific, it is the process of receiving people to your site from these given searches. But the process of SEO is pretty complicated, and a huge number of small scale businesses are going towards SEO to enhance their online significance. The role of SEO in Digital Marketing is remarkable. In digital marketing there are two different types of SEO techniques that we all apply and they are On-Page-SEO and Off-Page-SEO. And you have to do a thorough competitive anysis before going for on-page or off-page search engine optimizations.

Questions you need to ask an SEO agency before hiring them

To find the best SEO services in Kolkata for your On-Page-SEO campaign, you must ask that agency a bunch of questions, which they must answer. Let us discuss about the questions which you should ask before hiring an agency.

1. What experience they have?

Try to find out whether they have handled the similar kind of business, which you are going to establish and also try to figure out whether their previous clients are still with them or not. Keep in mind that loyal customers are the best evidence if you want to dig about the reputation of an agency. Demand them to show their previous works and facts because a good SEO company will always be proudly ready to show off their previous good works.

2. What is the volume of work, which will be done in-house?

Most of the SEOs outsource their work. And that is the reason most of the times they have less control over the agencies. Also, for this reason they will be less accountable for your results. So, it will be considered as a wise act if you ask them about their in-house work.

3. What contact you will have with your account manager?

One of the most important components of an SEO marketing campaign is regular communication. It will be helpful to you if you want to know about they are doing with this campaign because an SEO company must be ready to adapt the changes in their campaign that comes with your changing business.

4. What they will need from you?

It is risky to leave all SEO activities to the agency because without your input it will be a bit tough for them to generate the desired results. So, give them the clear vision about your expectations and they will work better. Before you hire seo consultants in kolkata make sure to verify their portfolio, reviews and recomendations first.

5. What result can you expect and how much time it will need?

As because Google alternates its algorithm very frequently, no SEO agency in kolkata can guarantee certain positions within limited timescales. So, both of you must focus on the desired outcome by agreeing on your goals and targets.

Signs that signifies a fraud SEO agency

There are numerous SEO companies in India that deliver fake promises and claims. You must know the signs which signify the red flag of organic and paid search engine optimization services in Kolkata. But you should be very careful while choosing the right one from top seo companies in kolkata. So, here is the list of signs, which you must follow to identify a fake agency.

  • If they are offering you over or underpriced budget.
  • If they promise you to index your site within two days.
  • If they guarantee you top page ranking within a span of a week.
  • If they provide you over-submissions to search engine.
  • If they request you for SEO copyrights and metadata.
  • If they claim to know someone in Google who will help them to improve your search rankings.

So, if you are living in Kolkata and want to find out the best SEO Company in Kolkata, then you must go through the above written article. It will give you a brief idea about how to choose the appropriate SEO agency for your business. If you are very new to SEO techniques you better refer to the beginners guide to SEO by MOZ.

Why should you consider us for SEO services?

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  1. Do you guarantee SEO rankings?
  2. SEO is a dynamic procedure and one can't hope to keep up its top position constantly, in spite of the fact that we put our earnest attempts to keep up the equivalent. Since it relies upon other sites and web index factors and furthermore on your competes site, any authentic SEO organization will never say that you will dependably be at the top for your industry watchwords.

  3. How long will it take to get the results?
  4. It is dependably the objective of UNA Webtech to influence our customers undeniably more than they to put resources into us. As certain businesses are more focused than others it is difficult to give a sensible desire for everybody. Furthermore, new sites or organizations will take additional time than more established, progressively settled organizations. Each crusade will have distinctive occasions before results may happen and in light of the fact that web indexes calculations are a mystery to everybody, we never make any certifications.

  5. What would be your holistic SEO approach?
  6. We improve existing site pages rather than making gateway pages. This implies there is broad coding work included. According to web-page ranking need we develop codes for your website and make recommended design changes to boost up the ranking status.

  7. What differentiates your SEO service from other service providers?
  8. Search Engine Optimization is a challenging job to perform and our SEO consultants use all the essential SEO technologies keeping in consideration the proper algorithms of various search engines that cause your website to rank on the first page. Most of the SEO service providers don’t consider this crucial factor, that’s what makes us different from our competitors.

  9. Which will suit my business SEO or SEM?
  10. Search engine optimization and SEM are diverse in their jobs in the promoting endeavours of a business. Search engine optimization is most appropriate for long haul methodology for officially gainful organizations, though SEM can deliver fast outcomes, yet requires improvement and observing for long haul benefit.