Magento Website Development in Kolkata-

Are you planning to launch a new website, or aspiring to give a modern makeover to your existing site? In such instances, you need to select the type of development, and this is one of the critical factors to determine while taking a similar decision. In that regard, opting for the Magento website development will be a candid decision as this type of development promises you a plethora of benefits that you would not get from other alternatives. The best Magento website development company in Kolkata can develop the most productive and high-performance Magento Website that would enable you to optimize the online presence of your business. That is why you need to be very proactive while choosing an expert magento developer.

1. You get the most comprehensive options for the features.

One of the critical reasons to approach a. Magento website developer in Kolkata is that the Magento Websites come packed with impressive features like advanced search, layered navigation, product comparisons, multi-store features, and various other features that you would not get, opting for other technologies of website development. This enables the developers to customize the features of the website, as per your specific choices and needs. The Magento Website would allow you to give your visitors such an experience, that they would hardly get elsewhere.

2. You get the maximum flexibility

This technology offers you the highest flexibility, as developers can customize the features to match your specific needs and spending plans. Depending on your needs in these regards, you can get a solution that would match your top necessities, and yet, you would not be bothered by extravagant expenses. You can easily skip those features that you would not need, and this way, you can keep the fee for website development within your control. This is one of the essential causes for which, users are prioritizing of Magento website development, over any other options.

3. Better SEO performance

Another reason to opt for the Magento websites is that it facilitates better optimization in the search engines, and thus, you can gain better ranking in the result pages of the search engine results. This implies you would gain a better position in the search engines within the minimum time, and it would be possible to retain the top rankings for longer spans. It would enhance the extent of visibility before the users, and thus, you can expect to get more traffic to your site, that promises better online performance, enhancing your business potentials. So look for top magento website development companies in Kolkata.

4. Friendly for the developers

This technology is highly developer-friendly, and hence, developers can complete the website development within the minimum time, and they can ensure almost 100% accuracy. It takes the developers the minimum time to complete the coding, and the coding being simple, the development architecture stays free from unwanted complexities. Hence, you can ensure that that site would have the highest extent of user-friendliness, and it would make it easier for the visitors to navigate through your websites, giving them the best user experience, boosting the extent of engagement with the users. This is one of the vital reasons for which the demand for the magento website development services in Kolkata is rising sharply with the passage of time.

5. Multi-Store Management

Another key reason that can be accounted beyond the massive popularity of this website development technique is that it facilitates multi-store management. Even in the recent past with the older technologies, developers had to face intense challenges in managing multiple stores at a go, and as such, as this technology supports the management of Multi-store, it keeps your website in action for 24 hours of the day, for the 365 days of the year. This way, you can gain an edge over your business competitors, opting for this development technique.

Other reasons that make Magento website the top choice is that it is mobile-friendly, and comes packed with lots of Google services. For instance, you can use the services like Google Base and Google checkout that facilitates in tracking the traffic, adding new content, as well as processing customer orders. On the whole, Magento website design and development in Kolkata is the wisest choice to opt for as it supports you from various perspectives to improve your business efficiency, and thus, achieve more business profits, gaining an edge over your business competitors. After all, you can rely on the technology that has impressed millions of users.

Why should you choose UNA WEBTECH as a Magento Web Development Company in India?

As time passes, innovation keeps on moving the manners in which organizations consider online business. Building an amazing online business stage it isn't as straightforward the same number of let you know. Understanding current patterns can have a major effect to your next advancement venture.

What are the parameters you should consider before choosing a Magento Website Development Company in Kolkata, India? Let us see the below parameters;

  • Specialized Knowledge and Expertise of a Firm.
  • Straightforwardness Standards.
  • Group Strength.
  • Enhanced Portfolio.
  • Previous History of Work.
  • After sales support.

If you look at UNA WEBTECH you can match all the above mentioned parameters with us.

The USPs of UNA WEBTECH include

  • World-class Workforce:
  • Each and every member of our technical team is highly educated and technically sound. We work through a continuous research, development and training process.

  • Around the clock support system:
  • We have got dedicative support team who are working around the clock to support you.

  • Cordial Environment:
  • At UNA WEBTECH the work environment is very cordial. Our project handling process goes through a several stages and at every stage our clients can discuss about their project at any time.

  • Competitive Price:
  • Our Product and service rate is very competitive in the market place.

  • Proper Time Management & Delivery:
  • We do belief in proper time management system and delivering the product and service at the right price and at the right time.

  • Flexibility:
  • We give our clients their own space of clarification and discussion about the project work with our technical team.


  1. What is Magento and what is the use of it in website development?
  2. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Magento provides two distinct platforms: Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce.

  3. Why to choose Magento to develop website?
  4. Most of the web development organizations incline toward utilizing Magento as a base stage for creating E-commerce web sites. This is a direct result of its highlights and essentially for the reason that it is an open source stage structured and created for the E-commerce websites development.

  5. Is Magento a useful E-commerce platform?
  6. Magento is the most prevalent open source eCommerce platform with in excess of 200,000 clients. Magento is a self-facilitated one which is an extraordinary eCommerce CMS platform. In the Magento advertise it is considered SEO agreeable eCommerce platform. Magento Network support give an extreme eCommerce answer for wide range.

  7. How will you differ working in Manto and Sopify?
  8. Shopify is fundamentally simpler to set up and use when contrasted with Magento. The primary contrast is that Magento has unmistakably increasingly transitional and propelled highlights incorporated with the framework. With Shopify, you frequently need to get an application for expanded usefulness. Will I get maintenance support from UNA WEBTECH if I develop my Magento eCommerce website? Definitely you will get a free 7 days technical support after final delivery and after that if you want to have all time maintenance support then you can avail any one of our maintenance package.

  9. Will I get maintenance support from UNA WEBTECH if I develop my Magento eCommerce website?
  10. Definitely you will get a free 7 days technical support after final delivery and after that if you want to have all time maintenance support then you can avail any one of our maintenance package.