Top Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018

Nowadays, doing business online is all about serving your audience with a quality user experience when they visit on your website. The trends keep changing regarding sustainability, functionality, web design and development. Your average website user may not notice it daily, but web design styles are changing continuously.

The web design styles encourage us to reject the inappropriate elements as well as make the best feasible changes. Whether it’s an eCommerce store, a corporate business website or a marketplace, these trends are going to update every type of websites present on the web.

Following are the top web design trends which are ruling in 2018:

1.     Chatbots

You’ve probably noticed while surfing the internet that a lot of websites have a little pop-up window at the bottom. Adding a chat window like this to your website means any visitor with a question can have it answered immediately. You can prepare a chatbot to respond the frequently asked questions your consumers want to inquire.

2.     Responsive Design

Responsive websites are not a new web design trend in 2018, but they’re important enough to include here still. A website which is responsive has all the same images, copy and elements no issue on what device you view it, but they’re managed differently due to the size of the screen. An image that shows up next to the text on your desktop may show up below it on a smaller screen, for instance.

3.     Animation

Autoplay videos are now out of fashion, but that doesn’t suggest you make a website completely fixed. You can try some simple some animations to add some movement to your website design. A good animation will attract more visitors to the website.

4.     Organic Backgrounds & Shapes

The trend is up and running for quite a little bit, but the style has changed with the arrival of organic and aggressive designs. Since the past year, the organic and aggressive designs have taken the place of plethora websites and apps. Now 2018 is going to end; it has been loaded with the backgrounds with essential colors, shapes, straight lines, spherical shapes, and dramatic diagonals.

5.     Illustrations

It is easy to add random images, but it doesn’t include any qualities to your website. Thus, many of the website owners are moving toward original illustrations for their pages. In custom, illustrations are paid, but they can change the visual of your website. Custom illustrations frequently feel playful, whereas still working for your brand.

6.     Typography

When the topic expresses the web design trends, typography has a top position as compared to others in the discussion. Now typography is not considered as an individual element because it has become an element of the design. You can use typography to grab the attention of users easily.

7.     Motion UI

Motion UI allows you to work with your animation as you want. There are also some intermediary effects to select from when you are building your website. Your website will be more responsive when you use of the hover effect on the images.

8.     Single-Page Website Rocks!

Rather than using multiple pages websites, the businesses with a modern futuristic approach prefer single page websites as users can get the whole information through a single webpage rather than opening different pages. They are now not with the traditional approach to have a website with the homepage.

9.     Blockchains

The blockchain is a ground-breaking discovery which makes it simple for the digital data sharing or distribution but an avoidance of the data being copied. This technology is now used for many applications in the market of eCommerce sectors.

10.    Progressive Web Apps

The newest web design style was founded in 2015 and its huge usability and functionality never allow it to go back. The UX design in the PWAs let the users to use the websites similar to their mobile apps. The most attractive part of the PWA is that doesn’t require installation on the mobile devices.

11.     Video and Image Content

A good photo explains a thousand words about it. According to the psychology of human, videos and photos are easy to remember as compared to texts. And ahead of this photos and videos are immensely attractive. So try to use more videos and images rather than more text.

12.    Tell the Story of your success

Storytelling is also a process to engage traffic and let the users know about your history. If you are unable to build a story, there are very fewer chances that users will get attracted to your site and book your services. It also improves the conversion rate of your website.

13.    Readability should be the first opinion

Readability is one of the features that make your website particularly usable for the visitors who are coming to your website. It’s quite understandable that there will be several texts on your website with the videos and images. So, if the text is not readable, the experience of visitors on your website will be exceptionally diminished.

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