Management of big projects in any organization is a big deal. Here task management applications help them to increase the efficiency level of the employees. These tools are turning into a favorite of the Software Industry, and presently they have gained an important position in any project.

In other words, we can say that your profession or industry, have to go through multiple time limits and it is a routine in working life. When there are multiple tasks to complete then anyone can feel the pressure of work and your work can also be delayed but with task management software you can help keep things under control. These project management applications not only help you to keep work under control but also make it easier to recover and find data whenever you need it.

Using these applications, you can plan, track and prepare reports of tasks from time to time. These applications allow the individuals, programs and teams to collaborate whenever there are complex workloads, share information and make sure the delivery of work within a given period.

When anyone moves forward to pick up a task management application, then it is essential that the application should be simple and budget friendly so that the entire team can take benefit of this application. If you are searching for the best task management software, then we are here to help you according to your requirements.

Have a look at the list of top 10 task management applications in 2018:


Wrike is an online Task Management application, and it does not require any download or installation as you can easily access it just by creating an account. Wrike is the only workplace where you can manage all the tasks in real-time.

Wrike has a few features or parameter like achieving better results, time tracking for the task, team collaboration, task planning and scheduling, progress tracking, sharing of workload, etc.


Basically, Centrallo is an organization tool which helps you in organizing tasks with proper scheduling, planning, scheduling execution. Here it allows you a number of lists like creation, searching, sharing as well as to access the tasks from anywhere. Centrallo is free for task management application available for all platforms like browser, Android, iPad, and iPhone.


Smartsheet is popular and online task management software. It is easy to use, and you can use it on any platform, anywhere, with any tool or anytime. It includes multiple recourses like Gantt charts which makes it able to handle any sized projects thus it is considered as a more flexible application. It works for task planning, Tracking, scheduling, automating, etc.


There are many chances when a complex project plan needs a task manager who will divide the whole project into small parts so that the members can easily work on it. Asana is also known for team management application with all the features you need to work with a team. It also helps you to divide the tasks into sections and lists so that work can be managed and tracked easily.


RationalPlan task management software is used in the areas like development, business, construction, etc. This software supervises the task and enables the team to evaluate and then work according to the required parameters like progress, estimation, workload, resources, costing, etc. of the project. It also includes the features like cost tracking, portfolio management, automatic notification, etc.


This application is best for your organization if you and your project require more teamwork among the members. It includes the features like video conference and social internet which will provide continuous communication within the team. It is equipped with CMR tools that enable you to manage client relationship whereas Gantt chart will help you to track every task.


Trello is popular for its cleanness as well as it’s very well-matched for the tasks following responsive methods. Trello has boards which include cards and these cards holds tasks, design updates, attachments, comments, messages, project overview, etc., and therefore works as the most visual association for any project.

Zoho Projects

When it comes to the flexibility and customizability, then it is one of the best options. It includes task lists, kanban boards and Gantt charts that can be used collectively to handle a single project. Its main features are a wiki, forum, live chat, discussions, timesheet, and invoicing tools.


Basecamp is a popular and time-saving task management application. This application uses a single page design to analyze all the ongoing tasks as well as update them. It includes the features like client collaboration, message boards, desktop, and email notifications, team collaboration. It is a paid application which charges on a monthly basis and allows unlimited services.


JIRA is a well-liked application which is used by many companies all around the world. This application is featured with Kanban boards and Scrum boards. Along with issue/bug tracking, this software is also recognized as customizable dashboards, customizable workflows, an end to end traceability, advanced reporting etc.

You can opt any of the application from the above-mentioned list which best fits with your requirements.

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