Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Web Agency

Your website is the medium to represent your services to the world. Your website will introduce the business services you are offering. Whether you are going to redesign your existing website or creating a brand new website for your users, it is urgent to have complete information about the agency you have hired.

The web development industry includes a huge list of website development agencies, companies and contractors who only need your money; they don’t work to make your business successful. It is very disappointing when we ever see it happening to any client.

1) How much experience do you have?
Find out how long their company has been working with clients. Also, ask them to show their portfolio and to stay up to date in the industry what they do for their nonprofit clients. It is important to hire someone who has the value of requirements that are needed online to connect and convert.

2) What is the structure of your agency?
There are different types of web development companies where few of them appoint full-time workers whereas others only hire contractors who work independently. The virtual agencies offer better work rates to the employees, but sometimes there is work delivery issue on time because there is no proper place to manage the staff and control things. By checking their references with current clients, you can find out about any working issues that may have risen during working with them.

3) What are the primary services you offer?
It’s necessary to know about their services and is these offers fit with your needs. If they mainly work with Joomla or Drupal and you want a website in WordPress, then it is necessary to search for a group or company who has experience in WordPress. We recommend you to hire a company who provide a full set of services including web design, development, SEO and content to have a successful launch.

4) Do they have a list of satisfied clients?
It doesn’t mean you ask them for referrals, ask them that how many successful clients they have. If their clients are coming back for occasional maintenance, that indicates that they are trusted and had a great experience.

5) How do they classify a successful web development project?
Some companies only focus on industry rewards as a classification of success, whereas some use conversions and analytical data. Many companies will show their awards to define their popularity, but you should ask questions that are related to engagement, conversions, and traffic to conclude their value. Ask them to show their case studies or data that describe their success stories in web development?

6) What is their qualification?
You want to be definite that with whomever you are going to work is actually a professional and operates in the industry in other ways. Do they have any speaking engagements, press mentions or active memberships in linked industry groups?

7) Since how long they are in business?
Be sure about whom you are hiring! You have to be sure that the company you are going to work with has broad experience to help you. Also, they should have the strong financial strength to continue in business. For this search about them on Google to check that how long they are in the business.

8) Who will be our designated project manager?
It is important to inquire about the contact person to be able to get updates and ask questions about the project. If they provide a project manager, then you should ask them that how much technical experience he/she has. They should efficient to handle design and technology related questions.

9) Will our website work on all devices?
It is definitely critical that your new website should work on all modern devices. Many web development companies charge extra money for this, while others provide this service within the fixed budget. It is essential to ask them whether it is included in the budget and also how they will create it.

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