How to get more tweets on twitter?

Have a thought ever came into your mind and you wonder why the peoples magically retweet some tweets whereas others go ignored? Are you looking for some easy formulas that could help you to encourage peoples to retweet your tweets?

Then we have the answer right here!!

When utilized intelligently, retweets regularly prompt more audience, more web traffics and more followers. Currently, there are more than 550 million peoples on Twitter, 58 million new tweets posted on a daily basis and 135,000 new users join Twitter in a day. So to attract them and encourage them to retweet your tweets is hard work. Following are some important tips that will help you to get more retweets:

1. Share original content
Everyone likes to be the first to retweet any new news or story. When you react quickly on breaking news or create an original story of content, your chances of being retweeted multiple times will be increased automatically.

2. Be unique
If you aren’t the first owner of the story or news, then you can be the first to convert it into an interesting one. Rewrite the story to make it attractive and eye-catching. It will automatically be retweeted.

3. Help peoples with what they are looking for
It is important to know exactly what it is that your followers are expecting from you. They have followed you for a reason so help them out with what they want.

4. Try to upload pictures with every tweet
Images are always attention grabbers so whenever you tweets, also upload images with your tweet. Always upload pictures directly on Twitter so they can instantly become visible on your follower’s timeline.

5. Leave plenty of extra space in your tweet
Not everyone uses the built-in retweet button on Twitter. Some people, including millions of veteran users, choose to retweet using the “quote tweet” or old-school RT @ method. Frequently they do so to add their comments to your tweet. Try to go for a habit of writing a maximum of 100 character’s tweets– this leaves extra space for old-fashioned retweeting.

6. Retweet others
It works more as compared to any other way. When you retweet other people on a regular basis, they definitely retweet you to return your favor.

7. Use hashtags
According to different studies, use of 1-2 hashtags in a tweet helps to increase the followers. But don’t try to use more than two hashtags, because they can affect the engagements negatively.

8. Use exclamation point with your tweet
Studies show that tweets with exclamation point are more likely to generate more retweets as compared to those who are without the exclamation point. So it’s time to show your excitement!

9. Ask
Suppose you have tweeted “I Know, I know,” it will make your followers desperate and question you, what you know. It will generate 3-4 times more engagement as compared to a simple tweet. This tactic really works, if you have any doubt, you can try it. Simply put a caption like “Please retweet” but never use short forms like RT or pls RT.

10. Tweet a lot
Yes actually, if you tweet only 1-2 times a week, then nobody will take it seriously as you are not working as an active user also you won’t get any retweets. If you are more active on Twitter and tweets daily, then they will notice you and chances are high that they will retweet your content. When more people start to retweet your tweets, then you are not less than any celebrity. It’s time to go for more than five tweets a day and with time increase your tweet limit to 10-15 tweets a day and see the results.

Twitter is the best platform for your publically presence. Make sure to work according to the tips mentioned above and you will definitely get more and more retweets and become a public figure in no time. If just one from your 100 of followers has started retweeting you, then you are doing well than others on Twitter. So keep putting your tweets in front of other.

We wish you a Good Luck and hope you will be successful!

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