What Is The Importance Of Design And Usability Of Your Website Design?

When it is about highlighting your business and website presence online, there are some things that you should put into consideration. Now the question is, does an online presence mean online marketing and content? Basically, the action of building up your online presence does not limit to just developing a basic website for your company and business.

Not all, but most websites have become successful by putting efforts into online marketing by integrating with the accurate SEO tactics and frequently nourishing it with the exact fundamentals. It may not help you with immediate positive results, but with time, it will definitely improve.

The Importance of Website Design

Several factors produce a booming online existence. There are some ways to look at the entire standing of your website as well. But before moving forward for any final verdict, let’s first of all concentrate on one of the most basic factors that help to make up your online identity, i.e. your website design. Now the question is how important it is?

The presence of website or removal of its online presence is completely dependent upon the design of your website. It actually shows that your target audience views your company or business in which manner and potentially become your customers. A website under development with an inspiring user connection will result in a higher conversion rate that leads to better revenue and business.

The Impact of Design

It is really very surprising to know that there are a lot of Websites which have not made a presence in the real online world when measured regarding modern-day design. Use upon marketing has been found to be noticeably unequal and coupled with this there has been efforts to over optimize. Its basic need hour is to develop a good relationship with a responsive web design company which is joined with advanced usability. The base of success lies in creating a fine balance between a modern and simple website design, which would be informative and engaging for the user, and finally matches with the SEO requirements.

Website Designer faces a very serious challenge which is the management of the CSS elements, visual representation, and HTML. The traditional designer with SEO person will have a different view for the look of a website or with marketer will have a different view. One will search for presenting attractiveness in the design of website whereas the other will search for usability, readability, and crawl-ability. The rise of up to date techniques of design like e-commerce Web Development Company, planned for two-dimensional displays, together with additional types of design established by Mac or Apple, and has been searching to replace all new designs.

When you go for designing the website, you should know that what are the requirements of your website and is your website going according to it? It is effortless to have navigation in the website design services; it is creative and modern. Also, make sure that the design and the content complement and matches each other. The functions of images, text, and copy should be used sensibly together with content so that you can build rich website pages.

 Usability Website Design

The objective of a marketer is to handle and boost the incoming traffic. This is only possible with an SEO friendly website design and development. Though, the approach for the Website Design and the SEO can be properly mixed with a very important movement which is also called usability. The result of usability will be known while the users, in reality, visit the Website.

In the past, the usability of a website design was used to take a backseat together with design, SEO, and content. The user interaction was the main reason for choosing the usability together with technical, QA testing, and accessibility. There was a frictional connection with the transformation oriented design for the promoters. However, the idea has changed considerably in the current circumstances. The modern designs have been focusing on SEO orientation and usability in Website Design. The success ratio of these sites has been found to be greatly improved as compared to the predictable design models and the designer all the time tries to incorporate the feature in the Website Design on a precedence basis in the current scenario.

Top Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018

Nowadays, doing business online is all about serving your audience with a quality user experience when they visit on your website. The trends keep changing regarding sustainability, functionality, web design and development. Your average website user may not notice it daily, but web design styles are changing continuously.

The web design styles encourage us to reject the inappropriate elements as well as make the best feasible changes. Whether it’s an eCommerce store, a corporate business website or a marketplace, these trends are going to update every type of websites present on the web.

Following are the top web design trends which are ruling in 2018:

1.     Chatbots

You’ve probably noticed while surfing the internet that a lot of websites have a little pop-up window at the bottom. Adding a chat window like this to your website means any visitor with a question can have it answered immediately. You can prepare a chatbot to respond the frequently asked questions your consumers want to inquire.

2.     Responsive Design

Responsive websites are not a new web design trend in 2018, but they’re important enough to include here still. A website which is responsive has all the same images, copy and elements no issue on what device you view it, but they’re managed differently due to the size of the screen. An image that shows up next to the text on your desktop may show up below it on a smaller screen, for instance.

3.     Animation

Autoplay videos are now out of fashion, but that doesn’t suggest you make a website completely fixed. You can try some simple some animations to add some movement to your website design. A good animation will attract more visitors to the website.

4.     Organic Backgrounds & Shapes

The trend is up and running for quite a little bit, but the style has changed with the arrival of organic and aggressive designs. Since the past year, the organic and aggressive designs have taken the place of plethora websites and apps. Now 2018 is going to end; it has been loaded with the backgrounds with essential colors, shapes, straight lines, spherical shapes, and dramatic diagonals.

5.     Illustrations

It is easy to add random images, but it doesn’t include any qualities to your website. Thus, many of the website owners are moving toward original illustrations for their pages. In custom, illustrations are paid, but they can change the visual of your website. Custom illustrations frequently feel playful, whereas still working for your brand.

6.     Typography

When the topic expresses the web design trends, typography has a top position as compared to others in the discussion. Now typography is not considered as an individual element because it has become an element of the design. You can use typography to grab the attention of users easily.

7.     Motion UI

Motion UI allows you to work with your animation as you want. There are also some intermediary effects to select from when you are building your website. Your website will be more responsive when you use of the hover effect on the images.

8.     Single-Page Website Rocks!

Rather than using multiple pages websites, the businesses with a modern futuristic approach prefer single page websites as users can get the whole information through a single webpage rather than opening different pages. They are now not with the traditional approach to have a website with the homepage.

9.     Blockchains

The blockchain is a ground-breaking discovery which makes it simple for the digital data sharing or distribution but an avoidance of the data being copied. This technology is now used for many applications in the market of eCommerce sectors.

10.    Progressive Web Apps

The newest web design style was founded in 2015 and its huge usability and functionality never allow it to go back. The UX design in the PWAs let the users to use the websites similar to their mobile apps. The most attractive part of the PWA is that doesn’t require installation on the mobile devices.

11.     Video and Image Content

A good photo explains a thousand words about it. According to the psychology of human, videos and photos are easy to remember as compared to texts. And ahead of this photos and videos are immensely attractive. So try to use more videos and images rather than more text.

12.    Tell the Story of your success

Storytelling is also a process to engage traffic and let the users know about your history. If you are unable to build a story, there are very fewer chances that users will get attracted to your site and book your services. It also improves the conversion rate of your website.

13.    Readability should be the first opinion

Readability is one of the features that make your website particularly usable for the visitors who are coming to your website. It’s quite understandable that there will be several texts on your website with the videos and images. So, if the text is not readable, the experience of visitors on your website will be exceptionally diminished.

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Management of big projects in any organization is a big deal. Here task management applications help them to increase the efficiency level of the employees. These tools are turning into a favorite of the Software Industry, and presently they have gained an important position in any project.

In other words, we can say that your profession or industry, have to go through multiple time limits and it is a routine in working life. When there are multiple tasks to complete then anyone can feel the pressure of work and your work can also be delayed but with task management software you can help keep things under control. These project management applications not only help you to keep work under control but also make it easier to recover and find data whenever you need it.

Using these applications, you can plan, track and prepare reports of tasks from time to time. These applications allow the individuals, programs and teams to collaborate whenever there are complex workloads, share information and make sure the delivery of work within a given period.

When anyone moves forward to pick up a task management application, then it is essential that the application should be simple and budget friendly so that the entire team can take benefit of this application. If you are searching for the best task management software, then we are here to help you according to your requirements.

Have a look at the list of top 10 task management applications in 2018:


Wrike is an online Task Management application, and it does not require any download or installation as you can easily access it just by creating an account. Wrike is the only workplace where you can manage all the tasks in real-time.

Wrike has a few features or parameter like achieving better results, time tracking for the task, team collaboration, task planning and scheduling, progress tracking, sharing of workload, etc.


Basically, Centrallo is an organization tool which helps you in organizing tasks with proper scheduling, planning, scheduling execution. Here it allows you a number of lists like creation, searching, sharing as well as to access the tasks from anywhere. Centrallo is free for task management application available for all platforms like browser, Android, iPad, and iPhone.


Smartsheet is popular and online task management software. It is easy to use, and you can use it on any platform, anywhere, with any tool or anytime. It includes multiple recourses like Gantt charts which makes it able to handle any sized projects thus it is considered as a more flexible application. It works for task planning, Tracking, scheduling, automating, etc.


There are many chances when a complex project plan needs a task manager who will divide the whole project into small parts so that the members can easily work on it. Asana is also known for team management application with all the features you need to work with a team. It also helps you to divide the tasks into sections and lists so that work can be managed and tracked easily.


RationalPlan task management software is used in the areas like development, business, construction, etc. This software supervises the task and enables the team to evaluate and then work according to the required parameters like progress, estimation, workload, resources, costing, etc. of the project. It also includes the features like cost tracking, portfolio management, automatic notification, etc.


This application is best for your organization if you and your project require more teamwork among the members. It includes the features like video conference and social internet which will provide continuous communication within the team. It is equipped with CMR tools that enable you to manage client relationship whereas Gantt chart will help you to track every task.


Trello is popular for its cleanness as well as it’s very well-matched for the tasks following responsive methods. Trello has boards which include cards and these cards holds tasks, design updates, attachments, comments, messages, project overview, etc., and therefore works as the most visual association for any project.

Zoho Projects

When it comes to the flexibility and customizability, then it is one of the best options. It includes task lists, kanban boards and Gantt charts that can be used collectively to handle a single project. Its main features are a wiki, forum, live chat, discussions, timesheet, and invoicing tools.


Basecamp is a popular and time-saving task management application. This application uses a single page design to analyze all the ongoing tasks as well as update them. It includes the features like client collaboration, message boards, desktop, and email notifications, team collaboration. It is a paid application which charges on a monthly basis and allows unlimited services.


JIRA is a well-liked application which is used by many companies all around the world. This application is featured with Kanban boards and Scrum boards. Along with issue/bug tracking, this software is also recognized as customizable dashboards, customizable workflows, an end to end traceability, advanced reporting etc.

You can opt any of the application from the above-mentioned list which best fits with your requirements.

Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Web Agency

Your website is the medium to represent your services to the world. Your website will introduce the business services you are offering. Whether you are going to redesign your existing website or creating a brand new website for your users, it is urgent to have complete information about the agency you have hired.

The web development industry includes a huge list of website development agencies, companies and contractors who only need your money; they don’t work to make your business successful. It is very disappointing when we ever see it happening to any client.

1) How much experience do you have?
Find out how long their company has been working with clients. Also, ask them to show their portfolio and to stay up to date in the industry what they do for their nonprofit clients. It is important to hire someone who has the value of requirements that are needed online to connect and convert.

2) What is the structure of your agency?
There are different types of web development companies where few of them appoint full-time workers whereas others only hire contractors who work independently. The virtual agencies offer better work rates to the employees, but sometimes there is work delivery issue on time because there is no proper place to manage the staff and control things. By checking their references with current clients, you can find out about any working issues that may have risen during working with them.

3) What are the primary services you offer?
It’s necessary to know about their services and is these offers fit with your needs. If they mainly work with Joomla or Drupal and you want a website in WordPress, then it is necessary to search for a group or company who has experience in WordPress. We recommend you to hire a company who provide a full set of services including web design, development, SEO and content to have a successful launch.

4) Do they have a list of satisfied clients?
It doesn’t mean you ask them for referrals, ask them that how many successful clients they have. If their clients are coming back for occasional maintenance, that indicates that they are trusted and had a great experience.

5) How do they classify a successful web development project?
Some companies only focus on industry rewards as a classification of success, whereas some use conversions and analytical data. Many companies will show their awards to define their popularity, but you should ask questions that are related to engagement, conversions, and traffic to conclude their value. Ask them to show their case studies or data that describe their success stories in web development?

6) What is their qualification?
You want to be definite that with whomever you are going to work is actually a professional and operates in the industry in other ways. Do they have any speaking engagements, press mentions or active memberships in linked industry groups?

7) Since how long they are in business?
Be sure about whom you are hiring! You have to be sure that the company you are going to work with has broad experience to help you. Also, they should have the strong financial strength to continue in business. For this search about them on Google to check that how long they are in the business.

8) Who will be our designated project manager?
It is important to inquire about the contact person to be able to get updates and ask questions about the project. If they provide a project manager, then you should ask them that how much technical experience he/she has. They should efficient to handle design and technology related questions.

9) Will our website work on all devices?
It is definitely critical that your new website should work on all modern devices. Many web development companies charge extra money for this, while others provide this service within the fixed budget. It is essential to ask them whether it is included in the budget and also how they will create it.

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How to get more tweets on twitter?

Have a thought ever came into your mind and you wonder why the peoples magically retweet some tweets whereas others go ignored? Are you looking for some easy formulas that could help you to encourage peoples to retweet your tweets?

Then we have the answer right here!!

When utilized intelligently, retweets regularly prompt more audience, more web traffics and more followers. Currently, there are more than 550 million peoples on Twitter, 58 million new tweets posted on a daily basis and 135,000 new users join Twitter in a day. So to attract them and encourage them to retweet your tweets is hard work. Following are some important tips that will help you to get more retweets:

1. Share original content
Everyone likes to be the first to retweet any new news or story. When you react quickly on breaking news or create an original story of content, your chances of being retweeted multiple times will be increased automatically.

2. Be unique
If you aren’t the first owner of the story or news, then you can be the first to convert it into an interesting one. Rewrite the story to make it attractive and eye-catching. It will automatically be retweeted.

3. Help peoples with what they are looking for
It is important to know exactly what it is that your followers are expecting from you. They have followed you for a reason so help them out with what they want.

4. Try to upload pictures with every tweet
Images are always attention grabbers so whenever you tweets, also upload images with your tweet. Always upload pictures directly on Twitter so they can instantly become visible on your follower’s timeline.

5. Leave plenty of extra space in your tweet
Not everyone uses the built-in retweet button on Twitter. Some people, including millions of veteran users, choose to retweet using the “quote tweet” or old-school RT @ method. Frequently they do so to add their comments to your tweet. Try to go for a habit of writing a maximum of 100 character’s tweets– this leaves extra space for old-fashioned retweeting.

6. Retweet others
It works more as compared to any other way. When you retweet other people on a regular basis, they definitely retweet you to return your favor.

7. Use hashtags
According to different studies, use of 1-2 hashtags in a tweet helps to increase the followers. But don’t try to use more than two hashtags, because they can affect the engagements negatively.

8. Use exclamation point with your tweet
Studies show that tweets with exclamation point are more likely to generate more retweets as compared to those who are without the exclamation point. So it’s time to show your excitement!

9. Ask
Suppose you have tweeted “I Know, I know,” it will make your followers desperate and question you, what you know. It will generate 3-4 times more engagement as compared to a simple tweet. This tactic really works, if you have any doubt, you can try it. Simply put a caption like “Please retweet” but never use short forms like RT or pls RT.

10. Tweet a lot
Yes actually, if you tweet only 1-2 times a week, then nobody will take it seriously as you are not working as an active user also you won’t get any retweets. If you are more active on Twitter and tweets daily, then they will notice you and chances are high that they will retweet your content. When more people start to retweet your tweets, then you are not less than any celebrity. It’s time to go for more than five tweets a day and with time increase your tweet limit to 10-15 tweets a day and see the results.

Twitter is the best platform for your publically presence. Make sure to work according to the tips mentioned above and you will definitely get more and more retweets and become a public figure in no time. If just one from your 100 of followers has started retweeting you, then you are doing well than others on Twitter. So keep putting your tweets in front of other.

We wish you a Good Luck and hope you will be successful!

10 Best Tips for Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is the source of power that helps the business, brand and product holders to set branding, drive sales and create quality leads. Sometimes it can be task-oriented and a big time-wasting dud. The key is to recognize how to create; measure and carry out the overall plan perfectly.\

The businesses which are trying to get positive social media marketing results have to go through regular challenges.

We have collected a list of social media marketing strategies from different industry professionals and social media experts. These social media professionals vary from everyday marketing professionals and major influencers. Have a look at the strategies given below:

Know Your Mission

Before going forward, it is important to identify that what is your mission. Decide what you want to get once implementing your social media plan. You should aim towards your brand marketing strategy for your business promotion that could help you to get more traffic toward your website.

Identify your main objective

Starting your business or brand by setting up the objectives is the smart choice. You should set your business goals before starting all new plans for social media marketing. At the end right, you can be the top bicycle seller in your state, but it doesn’t mean that you start selling ice cream because both are different approaches.

Know Your Audience

Once your goals are all set, you should move forward to decide which audience you want to reach. Here the best method is to build basic consumer personas. For instance, a ladies garment store should target women between the ages of 18 and 30 who need fashionable and trendy clothes and men under 18 to 35 years that need smart, trendy and funky clothes.

Select the Best Platforms

Usually, it is a mistake if you are trying to get your targeted audience and followers through a huge list of social media channels. The effort of the person who is managing the social media goes in vain, off track and the results end up being weak. FaceBook is a giant social media platform. LinkedIn is also considered a great choice for businesses to have an existence.

Follow Your Competitors

Identify that what your competitor is doing on social media to make their online presence. You will also know that on which various platforms your competitors are working for their promotion. With this approach, you will become able to set your brand more bitterly and in different ways as compared to others. Here you will also observe the mistakes that your competitor might have made.

Type of Content

Once you are done with the selection of your social media platforms, it is the time to write the related and genuine content for the selected social media channel.  If you have chosen to Instagram and YouTube, then you have to generate images or videos only. But, if you select Facebook and Twitter, you can share information on your website and links to articles. Always remember that different types of audiences attracted by the different types of content.

Measure Your Performance

To know your performance on social media uses a mixture of tracking and analytics tools to calculate your social media presence. This blend will give you an absolute view of the presence of your brand on social media.

Research Various Tools

There are various software and tools available online that are used to run the social media of brand. Social media management programs are useful to plan your posts.

Hire a Qualified Manager

It takes the exceptional qualities to be a skilled social media manager. One of the mistakes organizations often makes it to select someone who has the cheapest per hour rate and the lightest schedule with no view for whether or not they are successful in their job.

Repeat Your Strategy

Your next and final step is to make sure that your social media strategy is according to working well as it was planned. If you are not getting any results within six months, then it’s a time to look back at your strategy and revise it again to know that everything is alright. Trying out new ideas is never bad, so try to apply new ideas whenever you feel so.

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5 reasons your business need digital marketing

Digital marketing or Internet marketing is a huge term used to reach customers using online and mobile techniques. As compared to traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing is believed to be more interactive, targeted and measurable.

There are different marketing strategies, techniques, and campaigns which are changing continuously. The business world is making its presence online in the digital marketplace. No doubt, a business can get leads through publishing advertising and campaigns on TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers but digitally promoting your business is equally important. Promotion through digital marketing practices doesn’t require a huge document. It is effortless and easy. Industry statistics and trends show how digital marketing actually works despite the size of the company.

This is the process used to attract targeted traffic online that brings a huge difference between a successful and a failed one business. If you are getting lots of daily traffic toward your business, but not getting sales or leads through them then all your efforts are unless.

Following is the list of most common digital marketing channels used to promote a business:

Social Media Marketing

Here you promote your brand on various social media channels to deliver brand awareness, drive traffic and generate leads. Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest all are the Social Media channels used for marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process used to optimize your website so that it can make its position on various search engines and increase traffic to your website. Websites and blogs get more benefit through SEO as compared to others.

Pay per Click (PPC)

PPC, also known as paid advertising, is the method used to generate traffic to your website through another channel in exchange for payment. Google AdWords is the most common example of PPC, which allows you to get top positions on search engines.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is used to communicate with the target audience. Email marketing is mostly used for business purposes, for example, promoting announcements, information, discounts, and events on the company’s website. The various types of emails which can be sent are newsletters, welcome emails, emails post customer action, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based promotion strategy which is used to promote the services or product of someone else on your website in exchange for a commission. Affiliate marketing channels contain sharing affiliate links through your social media accounts and posting video advertising through the YouTube Partner Program.

Here are the top 5 reasons that will make clear that why your business needs digital marketing:


With every passing day, the marketplace is becoming more and more competitive. Your customers are fast moving towards the digital marketplace. They prefer researching online before making confirmed choices about a purchase. So, digital marketers make their online presence to target them online. As they know that 73% of users are on various social networking channels, thus businesses are also reaching them digitally to attract more users.

Building reputation and relationship

Customers always react to the images, links or videos those catch their attention. Today all of us watch online videos quite regularly throughout the daily course of life. Customized product recommendations and interactive videos render a personalized experience. Digital Marketing enables the businesses to inform, seek attention and engage with consumers actively.

Time and cost-effective

Digital marketing provides freedom to the companies to be more flexible with their service/product marketing. To run a digital marketing campaign, all you need is a computer, an engaging and well-designed website, an internet connection, and a proper marketing strategy. Door to door advertisements are no longer alive as online marketing has taken its place. Digital Marketing is time-saving and cost-effective process to target your audience.

Seamless tracking

Digital marketing has made it trouble-free for companies to track and monitor traffic easily. With analytical tools and user-friendly software, business owners can check various ad contents and evaluate which will work best to get their target audience. This enables them to track the organic and paid traffic coming on their website.

Keeping up with your competitors

In the most competitive world, you can check around there is a lot of competition, so it is essential to make your position in the market. Digital Marketing helps you to know which marketing strategies are used by your competitors to attract more users. Know about your competitors is essential for your brand to build up a marketing plans to outperform them.

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