Responsive Web Design Company in Kolkata :

Responsive web design is the real deal in present times. If you look at it finely, you will come across very common examples of web design such as to include most the of the activities on the internet nowadays - from shopping a product to getting the latest updates of the cricket match; a great webpage is responsible for all. To make your page look good and attractive can give you the right mileage it needs. There are great tools that can help you make it possible, a few tips and tricks here can get you started. In this regards Una Web Tech is proving its ability to create responsive websites in Kolkata.

1. To know how your visitors use their Mobile phones

People are more on their phones nowadays, whether it is a transaction or sending a gift to your dear one, they will do it online with lack of time from their busy schedule. As a top responsive web development company in kolkata if you want to cater to your customers, you need to perform a survey and find out why are they visiting your site and what are they looking for?

2. Planning on Design

For a best responsive web design agency in kolkata, planning your design is a very important criterion because before jumping into the real work one has to work out a sketch, a layout of the design. What is done mostly is first, a wireframe is created after that a visual design and lastly, the makers will move on to coding. You want your site to look attractive and simple for the users to understand. Few tools to work with are- Adobe Edge Reflow, Invision and wirefy.

  • Adobe Edge Reflow: With the help of Adobe Edge Reflow photoshop files can be converted into HTML and CSS and adjusting the design with Mobile breakpoints
  • Invision: Invision helps you create interactive prototype versions of your website websites. Users can test navigation and buttons, and it is a very useful tool
  • Wirefy: This one does the math for your site, it creates a wireframe using a responsive grid

3. Navigation

The navigation will show a map to your users and direct them to other pages on your Website. On a mobile phone, the hamburger icon takes over, and you can hide all the links behind it.

4. Upgrade Images

Images will always play an important role to attract customers, catch them emotionally so they can develop a connection with it. These images have to be saved in the right formats- JPG’s and PNG’s

5. The Mobile Way

An extremely effective way to go about designing is to bring out a mobile version for your site because most of your customers will access your site using their phones. Trying a mobile version first will give you a better understanding of how it can look and how will your users see it when it comes out bigger.

6. Keyboard Triggers

Forms on your website need to have keyboard trigger that will enable the input fields by your users for their feedback. For alphabetical usage, the keyboard can have textual feature, and for numbers, it can change to numerical keyboard.

7. Important use of buttons on a mobile

A button which is hard to click and to understand and get your users to get confused So you have to make it easier for your users to access using buttons. Using a particular colour of the right shade will highlight your button and always represent your button using a circle or a rectangle

8. Fonts –Responsive Website Design

focuses on fonts are because they are important because they make give your content the form and shape. Setting is the right font for your site is what is required for you to do. Neither of the two will look great if the font is too big on a small screen nor if it is the other way around.

9. Simple and Minimal Designs

People do not like too much information or flashy designs on a website. They just need the right information they want from the content, so keep it simple.

10. Share buttons should not block content

These buttons generate traffic and get visibility for your site. This can result in blocking content on small screens. One has to be careful with these buttons.

So if you want to build a website which should be mobile friendly then you must hire mobile responsive website designer in kolkata. Go through our website and learn more about why you should choose best responsive web development company.

Why should you select UNA WEBTECH , as the best responsive web design agency in Kolkata?

A responsive website design isn't a pattern; it is only the most ideal approach to design and develop a website nowadays. In this context a responsive website design and development company in Kolkata, must have a professional approach towards the process of developing a responsive website for its clients. Alright, separate versatile site may have a few points of interest, however responsive web design is normally a favoured arrangement.

  • Creative Designers:
  • Our designers are very creative as far as best ui/ux design services in kolkata are concerned. They think on their feet and deliver your choice of products as you have thought.

  • Design as per CMS:
  • You simply need a Content Management System (CMS) for your site. Responsive web design provide your users flexibility to enjoy the web pages as it is on- desktop, laptop, mobile, tab or any device. Top responsive website development companies in kolkata ,worth anything whatsoever is a standout amongst the most commonplace and best CMS. There are many best content management systems are available in the market today such as - WordPress, Drupal, Magneto. At UNA WEBTECH we ensure that we must use the best CMS to provide you a better responsive website.

  • We follow current design trends & technologies:
  • We always keep in mind the ongoing and upcoming web technologies while developing and designing a website. There are many of our existing clients who come back to us after few years to renovate and refresh their websites with updated web technologies at a minimal cost. This is the amount of trust our clients show towards us as a professional responsive ui/ux design company in Kolkata.

  • Experience Matters:
  • We have got a world class technical tem who have got huge amount of project execution experience.

  • Research & Development:
  • We emphasize on continuous research and development programmes in regards to web technologies in our technical lab.

  • On Time Delivery:
  • We always stick to our committed time to deliver your project on time.

  • Cost Effective:
  • We guarantee you the most competitive product and service rates.

  • Round the clock technical support:
  • We have got a dedicative tech-support team to resolve your technical issues around the clock.


  1. What is responsive website development?
  2. A responsive website is a solitary site that dynamically adjusts its images, videos and contents for a wide range of screen sizes so as to serve all clients regardless of the gadget they utilize the entrance the site. This is headway to numerous renditions of locales that used to be intended to help cell phones.

  3. How to design a responsive website?
  4. We consider the best responsive web technologies, design and CMS systems along with our research database, based on your industry, products and services to build a responsive website for you which will be aesthetic in nature as well as meaningful to your functional goals.

  5. What kind of information do you need from me to build my website?
  6. Generally we start with initial two kick-off meetings where in we discuss about your need, product type , service type, industry type, segmentation etc. Here you should convey your clear vision to us about your much coveted website.

  7. I never handled any website if I want to control my website on my own then which CMS will be easier to handle?
  8. You can use Wordpress to control and customize your website easily. If you want to know more about Wordpress then you can join our short term corporate training course too.

  9. What are other CMS for which you can design a responsive website?
  10. Our CMS systems include: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc.